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There are not enough words to praise the services at Hearing HealthCare, Inc. or the expertise and compassion of Dr. Suzanne Noonan. When you leave the office you feel reassured that your hearing problem was addressed and a good resolution was found. Even tiny in-the-ear hearing aids are programmed so well that the sound quality is superb. Dr. Noonan is a caring professional who goes the extra mile for her patients. She accompanied me to an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist when I had to decide whether to have a procedure done. With Dr. Noonan there as an adviser, I was able to decide with confidence to proceed. I would recommend this practice to anyone with hearing problems.


Everyone who has ever disagreed with a printed review knows that music critics can’t hear. Well, some of us do encounter hearing loss as we get older, and some famous performers do, too.

The most famous musician so affected, of course, was Beethoven, who was totally deaf by the time he composed his monumental Ninth Symphony. For Beethoven, deafness was liberating in a sense, as it freed his creative imagination from the traditional limitations of instruments and voices: If he had retained his hearing, he might never have conceived those incredible late quartets. But for those of us involved with music who are not Beethoven, hearing loss is definitely not liberating. It can have a devastating effect on our way of living and our ability to earn our keep. As a trained musician herself, Jane Kirksey understands all this, and she seems to thrive on the particular challenges involved in treating a musical patient. (I’m not her only one.) There is nothing dismissive or condescending in her approach: She is more interested in possibilities than in limitations, and she does not reject a patient’s own input in exploring them. And, most remarkably, her enthusiasm and good humor never desert her — er patience is as remarkable as her resourcefulness.

From what I’ve observed, that’s the way all of Dr Kirksey’s associates at Hearing HealthCare, Inc. operate. The place is not a pretentious “salon,” but a baloney-free zone in which the practitioners’ straightforwardness, commitment and flexibility inspire confidence and trust — and the caring definitely doesn’t end when a sale is made.


Hearing Health Care is a pleasant and friendly venue with a staff of professional, knowledgeable, audiologists. Visit Hearing Health Care if you require assistance for any audiological problem, and you will be assured of the best service available in the area.


Words cannot express how grateful we are for all of your help and advice as we continue to better understand our son’s hearing loss. You are the first person — and believe me, we have seen many professionals — who has been able to show us how he “hears the world.” In addition, your willingness to answer our many questions has surpassed our expectations. We only wish we had come to see you much sooner, as I feel we spent endless, needless hours stressing about his diagnosis, mainly because no one could answer our questions. We truly appreciate all you have done to assist our family!


I would like to say thank you for the help Dr. Jennifer Kincaid has provided for me and my son. My son has a minor hearing loss, and for me...accepting the fact that he needed hearing aids was not easy. However, Dr. Kincaid recognized my worries and treated us with excellent professionalism. Thanks to her, my son had a smooth transition to the world of sound and now can even be more productive at school. Dr. Kincaid took not only good care of his hearing, but she also recognized my fears and provided tips and tricks regarding school and appearance, which has helped me emotionally. I am very thankful to the service she has provided us, and I am willing to tell others about the excellent service they can receive at Hearing HealthCare, Inc..


My experience with Hearing Healthcare has extended over more than a decade. The help and encouragement from Hearing Healthcare is far superior to that of any of my previous experiences. Before I found Hearing Healthcare, I had been to many audiologists. I can therefore make the above positive statement based on considerable experience with other audiologists. Furthermore, at Hearing Healthcare, their knowledge of the extensive, rapidly changing audio market and their willingness to patiently try new products and techniques with the necessary follow-up has made coping with a major hearing loss more manageable.


I have been a patient of Hearing HealthCare, Inc. for nearly 10 years, and I wholeheartedly — in fact, enthusiastically —recommend them to anyone in need of hearing aids. Their audiologists are thoroughly professional, they have a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the products they offer, and they provide service that consistently exceeds expectations. Beyond their technical expertise, the staff at Hearing HealthCare, Inc. are thoughtful and articulate educators who take the time to teach patients about how to achieve maximum benefit from their hearing aids. In my experience with Hearing HealthCare, Inc. over the years, I have found a spirit of caring and an eagerness to serve that is certainly unusual, if not unique. This is truly a remarkable audiology group.


I have been with Hearing HealthCare, Inc. from the beginning, and I would not change it any other way. This organization is solid and dependable to the max. Susan, Jane, and Tina have been very helpful and accommodating to my needs whenever I have needed them. I strongly recommend this company to anyone who needs to purchase new hearing aids. You will not be disappointed!


I’ve been a patient of Jane and Susanne since before they moved from their humble beginnings — let’s lie and call it a shack in the Potomac flood zone — to their present palatial offices (hard candy, water cooler, lavatory, hearing store, the latest in diagnostic hearing machines, countless partners, and their great administrative assistant Tina Rose), and there seems to be nothing they can’t do right before your eyes (and ears). Before Drs. Jane and Susanne, I had one hapless heath care professional after another. But these ladies have given me freedom to enjoy concerts and plays (and television without blasting my wife out of the room) to lectures, and just to feel a bit more normal. I love them, but I have been married 55 years, and so remarriage is out. (Sorry, girls.) But love just the same.


I’ve been a patient at Hearing HealthCare, Inc. since they opened their office in Wheaton, MD, in 1996. Initially+ I brought in an aid for repair that was slightly out of warranty. Jane went to bat for me and got it covered. My hearing is very poor; somewhat later I purchased a pair of top-of-the-line powerful ReSound units based on Jane’s recommendation. I have been very pleased with them. Whenever they need adjustment or new tubing, it is taken care of without charge. In fact, there is never a charge for an office visit. My wife purchased a pair of less powerful aids there also. A friend that I recommended purchased an aid there but was not satisfied. He got his complete cost refunded. Jane, Suzanne, and their team are great audiologists. I’ve been extremely pleased with their services.


I moved from Florida to Maryland three years ago and was quite anxious about finding a good audiologist. I found Hearing HealthCare, Inc., after a careful search through the local University of Maryland Audiology program. I was told that Jane Kirksey was one of the finest audiologists in the area.

I have since purchased two hearing aids and a Bluetooth® device from Hearing HealthCare, Inc. Jane was careful and precise in choosing and fitting me with aids best suited for me. She has changed my life. I no longer have the TV and radio blaring, and I can go to lectures, meetings, the theater, and other social events and cannot only hear, but I understand everything. For those of you who have good hearing, you cannot imagine what that means to those of us who have a severe hearing impairment.

Jane, her associates, and her staff are not only highly accomplished, but they are wonderful, kind, and helpful as well. I consider them my friends. I highly recommend Hearing HealthCare, Inc., for your all your hearing healthcare and hearing aid needs.

I thank Hearing HealthCare, Inc., for bringing me into the “hearing” world. Oh, and my husband thanks them too.


You have gone over and above the call of duty from the very beginning. First in the gentle way you put up with all my questions and concerns about getting the right hearing aids, and always keeping what is best for me (your client) above what would bring you the biggest profits. You’ve never tried to oversell, and your advice resulted in many years of successful hearing correction that has made me able to function so well all these years.

After we moved to North Carolina, you continued to be my resource and support for the years when I could return to MD often and then transferred my account to an equally caring and responsive audiologist in Greensboro, NC.

Now that we moved once again to Columbus, OH, and my hearing aid model is no longer supported by the company you’ve exerted enormous efforts in helping me avoid the expense of a new pair because nobody in Columbus was able to adjust them to my hearing loss. However, you are still able to help when I travel back to MD to make the adjustment.

We’ve been recommending you to all our friends in MD who need hearing correction, we wish you could expand to Ohio so we could continue recommending your services to our new friends in Columbus.


Pursuant to the suggestions of my audiologist several years ago, I sought your assistance in resolving my right ear beginning hearing loss. I was very pleased with your suggestions and advice, and I really thought that I would not obtain a better doctor. Then I was told that I would become Dr. Recchio’s patient, and I was a little anxious at first.

Since the first day, Dr. Recchio demonstrated a solid knowledge of the medical field and immediately earned my esteem. Dr. Recchio carefully listens to me, asks pertinent questions, and shows honest interest in finding a positive resolution to the issues concerning my hearing aids. It is very clear that Dr. Recchio is genuinely interested in the challenge to bring the technology to best offset the medical handicap exhibited by her patients, and takes adequate time to bring to closure any annoyances which prevent a noticeable recovery of the hearing loss. Dr. Recchio is not afraid to learn deeper about hearing aid technology to better serve her patients. Dr. Recchio has earned my complete medical respect and has a wonderful gift at treating me (and I would guess all her patients) as a valuable human being. I sincerely believe that Dr. Recchio is a great asset to the Hearing HealthCare team.


I have been a patient of Hearing HealthCare, Inc. for several years and have had remarkable service at the Shady Grove Road facility. Jennifer is a highly competent professional, and her knowledge and care is consistently the best I have experienced.


I have been very fortunate to have been a very satisfied client of Hearing HealthCare, Inc., for more than seven years. You have provided hearing tests, recommended proper hearing aids, fitting, and excellent follow-up services. Most recently you recommended I move up to open-fit digital hearing aids to keep up with the changing technology. Again, you impressed me with your knowledge of the technology and the improvements that are occurring in today’s industry. You and your staff have impressed me every time I have visited your office. I will continue to recommend others to use Hearing HealthCare to receive the best professional care.

Dr. J.B.

I feel very confident that the Hearing HealthCare, Inc. audiologists provide state-of-the-art hearing assessments and treatment plans for my patients every day. The feedback that I get from my patients regarding their HHC appointments is always very positive. My patients always feel that they are in the good hands when working with any of the the HHC audiologists.


I heard about Hearing HealthCare, Inc. from a friend who raved about audiologist Suzanne Noonan. Suzanne was wonderful through the entire process of me getting my first hearing aid. She is a good listener, calm, and patient. She very professionally performed my hearing tests, fairly represented the products she sold, and honestly advised me according to my best interests. I have felt very well cared for by her and the staff at Hearing HealthCare, Inc..


When I began to have a problem hearing, my friend, an RN, recommended Jane Kirksey, who has helped her with her severe hearing problem for years. Even though Hearing HealthCare, Inc. is two hours from my home, I went on her recommendation and I have not been disappointed. I received wonderful and friendly care with time spent being no problem. And I can hear again, which is a wonderful thing! I highly recommend [practice_name].


I would give Hearing HealthCare, Inc., five stars (out of five) for hearing loss care. They are the most considerate, understanding, patient, and experienced group that I have been to. I have worked with Jennifer and Suzanne, and both are very professional and knowledgeable. This group is highly recommended by me and by my friends who also go to them for their hearing aids.


He wore his hearing aids for three hours this evening without complaining or removing them! This is easier than we thought it would be.

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