About ten percent of patient visits in the typical primary care practice result in a referral to another provider. A small practice seeing two or three hundred visits weekly, that amounts to twenty or thirty referrals a week.

As a primary care physician, you know that some referral sources are very efficient, while others cause significant hassles. Delays in scheduling, inadequate or incomplete care/reporting and possibly the patient not returning to you are all issues that referring out can bring.

The most important features of the referral process for the primary care physician are:

  • Ensuring the referral process takes a minimum of staff time
  • The patient is seen promptly
  • The patient is satisfied with the care they received
  • There is clarity about the results of the referral

Building a solid referral network of consultants who reliably provide you and your patients with these desired features is critically important.

Hearing HealthCare, Inc. can provide you with a reliable, consistent referral source for your patient’s audiological care. We provide full diagnostic hearing evaluations on a routine and emergent basis, tinnitus evaluations & treatments, aural rehabilitation, work with all hearing instrument manufacturers and accept most insurances.

Most patients with hearing loss related complaints with no other significant unresolved ear history would be best served with a referral to the audiologist first. Our doctors would take a full case history, perform a comprehensive audiological evaluation and provide the patient with a complete explanation of findings and treatment options if necessary. If after the diagnostic evaluation, the audiologist determines a visit to the ENT is warranted, we will refer back to you for consultation.

The results of the evaluation will be fully explained to the patient and we allow ample time to answer questions and address any concerns the patient may have.

After the appointment you will receive a report, complete with a copy of the audiogram and recommendations as to next steps to get the patient on the path to better hearing health.

Our patient care coordinators are available to assist in the appointment process. Just fax the referral to our Silver Spring location at 301-946-2435 and we will contact the patient directly to set up the appointment in either of our locations.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to set up a meeting for us to visit your office for a meet and greet.

Thank you for your time,

The Doctors and Staff of Hearing HealthCare, Inc.

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