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At Hearing HealthCare, Inc., we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

The goal at Hearing HealthCare, Inc., is to improve the quality of your life, to improve communication between you and your family, to reduce stress and anxiety in your life, and to enhance your belongingness to your community. We obtain that goal by providing the perfect combination of expert diagnostic hearing evaluations; access to all makes, models, and technologies of hearing devices; and outstanding patient care. We will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction with our service and our product.

Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care needs, whatever they may be. Our doctors of audiology will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing and tinnitus needs using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology. Because our focus is entirely on your unique needs, being a patient at Hearing HealthCare, Inc., means you’ll experience patient care that is specific to you, with exceptional follow-up care that ensures your hearing needs are being met.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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See what people are saying about Hearing HealthCare, Inc.

  • He wore his hearing aids for three hours this evening without complaining or removing them! This is easier than we thought it would be.


  • I would give Hearing HealthCare, Inc., five stars (out of five) for hearing loss care. They are the most considerate, understanding, patient, and experienced group that I have been to. I have worked with Jennifer and Suzanne, and both are very professional and knowledgeable. This group is highly recommended by me and by my friends who also go to them for their hearing aids.


  • When I began to have a problem hearing, my friend, an RN, recommended Jane Kirksey, who has helped her with her severe hearing problem for years. Even though Hearing HealthCare, Inc. is two hours from my home, I went on her recommendation and I have not been disappointed. I received wonderful and friendly care with time spent being no problem. And I can hear again, which is a wonderful thing! I highly recommend [practice_name].


  • I heard about Hearing HealthCare, Inc. from a friend who raved about audiologist Suzanne Noonan. Suzanne was wonderful through the entire process of me getting my first hearing aid. She is a good listener, calm, and patient. She very professionally performed my hearing tests, fairly represented the products she sold, and honestly advised me according to my best interests. I have felt very well cared for by her and the staff at Hearing HealthCare, Inc..


  • I feel very confident that the Hearing HealthCare, Inc. audiologists provide state-of-the-art hearing assessments and treatment plans for my patients every day. The feedback that I get from my patients regarding their HHC appointments is always very positive. My patients always feel that they are in the good hands when working with any of the the HHC audiologists.

    Dr. J.B.

  • I have been very fortunate to have been a very satisfied client of Hearing HealthCare, Inc., for more than seven years. You have provided hearing tests, recommended proper hearing aids, fitting, and excellent follow-up services. Most recently you recommended I move up to open-fit digital hearing aids to keep up with the changing technology. Again, you impressed me with your knowledge of the technology and the improvements that are occurring in today’s industry. You and your staff have impressed me every time I have visited your office. I will continue to recommend others to use Hearing HealthCare to receive the best professional care.


  • Hearing Health Care is a pleasant and friendly venue with a staff of professional, knowledgeable, audiologists. Visit Hearing Health Care if you require assistance for any audiological problem, and you will be assured of the best service available in the area.